Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scraps: Confetti

I don't like to waste, especially when I can create something cute and useful.
After making a hot pink and zebra happy birthday sign, I had some scrap paper. What to do? I decided to curl the paper and use it as table confetti.
It's real simple! I cut the paper to 1/2 - 1/4 inch wide and different lengths (3in-6in). Then I used scrapbook scissors to add some style to one side of the paper, wrapped it around a pencil, and TA DA! And of course what was cut with the scrapbook scissors became more confetti.

Zebra Letters

I love being crafty, so when I get to do anything creative for a party I am like a gutty little kid.
I am working on a pink and zebra art party. I have done one before, but I love adding different touches to each party. For this one I am working on some hanging letters, Happy Birthday Birdie.

So I don't have a cricket, YET! So for now I am very hands on with all my projects. For letters I grab my stencils, paper, scissors, and go at it.

Cardstock and paper cutter. I love my scrapbook cutter, I use it for everything!

For this I cut the big ones at 4x4 and the small ones at 3x3. When I have made them for past parties I have done them a little bigger, 5x5 and 4x4.

After everything is cut, I use some fun scrapbooking scissors to give the edge of the small ones a little style.

Then it's glue time. The 4x4's connected to the 3x3, the 3x3's connected to the letter. And those are the bones of the sign!

For these I put one hole punch in the middle at the top and a little curling ribbon to hang.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tea for Two

What little girl doesn't like to play dress up?
The little ladies at thise tea party had a great sense of style and filled the room with laughter. They decorated sweet tea hats, made adorable bracelets, along with some creative face painting.

Up, Up, & Away!

I loved planning our first Super Hero party. The party was at Pinwheel Kids for a little boy turning 5. The guests were given shiny super hero capes to wear and play in and got to decorate belts and masks to take home. We had signs posted throughout the room. POW! ZAP! ZING! KABOOM!

1st Birthday: Hot Pink & Zebra

For this little girl's 1st birthday we did a hot pink and zebra themed art party. The girls had so much fun doing splatter paint and jungle inspired animal pictures.

Prep for Hot Pink and Zebra Party

We had the honor of hosting Brooklyn's first birthday party. They were wanting an art party with a hot pink and zebra theme. I had so much fun making the cute little things for this party. Here are a couple of the preview pics.

For the kid's table I made these cute centerpieces. One was of her initials and the other for her age.

I made tissue paper topiaries as centerpieces for the adult tables.

Little Picassos

We had so much fun planning the first painting party at Pinwheel Kids. The guests painted a couple of pictures on paper and then were given a canvas to paint on and of course they took them all home.