Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zebra Letters

I love being crafty, so when I get to do anything creative for a party I am like a gutty little kid.
I am working on a pink and zebra art party. I have done one before, but I love adding different touches to each party. For this one I am working on some hanging letters, Happy Birthday Birdie.

So I don't have a cricket, YET! So for now I am very hands on with all my projects. For letters I grab my stencils, paper, scissors, and go at it.

Cardstock and paper cutter. I love my scrapbook cutter, I use it for everything!

For this I cut the big ones at 4x4 and the small ones at 3x3. When I have made them for past parties I have done them a little bigger, 5x5 and 4x4.

After everything is cut, I use some fun scrapbooking scissors to give the edge of the small ones a little style.

Then it's glue time. The 4x4's connected to the 3x3, the 3x3's connected to the letter. And those are the bones of the sign!

For these I put one hole punch in the middle at the top and a little curling ribbon to hang.

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